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Manufacturing Aircraft Cylinders & Engine Parts

Franklin Engine Company of Jewett, Texas, offers products, support, and the benefit of our knowledge to Franklin engine users and plane enthusiasts worldwide. We'll be happy to help in any way we can.


When visiting our website, you may want to ask us what we feel makes our engine parts, especially our aircraft cylinders, better than our competitors. One of the biggest reasons is the care and attention we give each product.

Meticulous Creation

We machine our cylinders in-house with a three-angle seat cut and check the sealing on the valves with a trego machine. Additionally, we check our valve sealing without the valve springs installed to be certain we are getting the best seal. With all this in mind, just imagine what it's like with the springs installed.

What Makes the Difference

We believe in "The Franklin Difference." This pledges to our customers around the world that we go the extra mile to meet their needs.

Aircraft Cylinder

Plane Part

Parts & Support

We supply both original factory surplus parts and new PMA parts for Franklin engines. Once, you've received your items, our superb technical support will be available to help should you have any technical questions about an overhaul or engine.

Detailed Service Manuals

Customers can utilize service manuals with their parts. Choose from:

• Factory-Original Manuals
• Parts Manuals
• Bulletins
• Operator Handbooks

Excellent Customer Service

When you come to us, you immediately become a member of our family, and we'll go above and beyond what competitors can offer to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you need a little more assistance than what we can provide, we'd be happy to give you a list of reputable mechanics from all over the world.