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Our History

Our owner, Susan, began her journey more than 20 years ago working alongside of one of the original founders of Franklin, George Heinley. After he passed away, she refused to let the engine die. She began to use her knowledge and resources to grow and expand her own business and our company, Franklin Engine Company, was born in Jewett, Texas.

Humble Beginnings

Susan's love for airplanes began when her neighbor fell off his plane while he was washing it. Rushing over to help, he asked her to clean the fuselage, which ignited something inside her. She started working with him, answering his phone, and getting to know the customers while learning everything he knew. She assembled engines, and eventually took over the business.

Spanning the Globe

With the help of her daughter, April, they have been working for years to supply spare Franklin engine aircraft parts to customers all over the world. In addition to the new factory parts, they have had new PMA parts manufactured and produced for the Franklin Engine.

Solid Reputation

Our company is the only company that is 100 percent strictly dedicated to Franklin Engines. We have been that way for years. This is more than business to us, it's personal. We are extremely proud of the Franklin Engine, its solid reputation, and the personal relationships we have built with each customer we have made through the years.

Restoring History

The history of the engine and original Franklin Engine Company, Inc. cannot be undone. It happened, it was illegal, unethical, and done to meet an agenda other than Franklin's. However, those people failed to erase the thousands of engines that were already built and installed in planes, impressing people all around the world. It is a rock-solid design, virtually flawless, and it belongs back in full production.

Top Engines

We have invested everything we have into this engine and we have faced every challenge, and it seems we are still beating the odds. The reality is that full production may be getting close.

Further Developments

We are a 100-percent US-based company, and we will always remain that way, like the original company. Our company is already taking action, but we are not making promises, or telling the Franklin community that things will ever come to pass.